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Activation server

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This is an activation center for PC-3000Express/UDMA/Portable, PC-3000SAS/SCSI, PC-3000 Flash and other software.

To receive activation key please proceed with this steps:

  1. Start installation setup and save the request file to your disk.(UDMA has "arf" extention, PCI has "lrf").
  2. Press browse button and point the path to your request file.
  3. Press submit button
  4. Wait until the server will proceed your request file. Usually it tooks 5-10 minutes.
  5. Download your key/license file to disk.

Do not close your window, after "Submit" button is pressed, wait until the window renew itself. Old e-mail method is available too. The only difference between them - is when using the last one method will not put your key/license file to update box area. In case of any difficulties please reach our Technical support service team:, e-mail:

We wish you success in your business.
ACE Lab staff.